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Editorial Team

Debbie Stone

Global Editor-in-chief - International

Debbie has been an entrepreneur in the world of business and beauty since the age of seventeen when she launched her own chain of beauty salons and cosmetic clinics looking after celebrity clients from around the world. She loves to travel to luxury resorts.

Dedo Kofi

Editor and CEO - Ghana

Dedo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has created and launched several successful businesses in Ghana. With her extensive experience providing quality and luxury products and services, Dedo has proven herself as a remarkably exceptional leader in the luxury industry.

Priscilla Eyifah Abban

Sales, Marketing & Events Manager - Ghana

Priscilla is a Geomatic Engineer whose love for creating advertising and marketing content has positioned her in the digital space as a go to person. She loves to create content centered around Lifestyle for people who love to experience finesse in products and services.

Instagram / #Luxurialife